How do I purchase a print?

After you have chosen your image, size (if available) and placed it in the Cart, follow the steps in the Cart and click the “Purchase” button. Please read our General Terms Shop for all necessary information. You have to accept these terms at your order.

The Checkout URL will be:: https://secure.squarespace.com/checkout.

After your order is placed, we will send a confirmation email of the receive of your order with the details. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see any confirmation mail in your inbox.

In the next step we will check immediately all details incl. shipping and extras (if any) and send you a “Final Confirmation“ Email incl. final calculation of price and time of your order. Shipping time will vary order-to-order. We will do our best to ship your order to you as fast and save as we can.

Finally you have to reply us by Email with your approval if you have extras and / or additional costs, so that we can start working on your order. Please be sure to check your spam folder.

I have placed an order and would like to change the content of the order.

Unfortunately we cannot change the content of an order. We can only cancel orders and issue new ones.

I am having difficulties placing my order. What can I do?

Please contact us with a detailed description of the difficulties you encountered and include a screenshot if possible, as well as the address you would like your item shipped to. If you include a phone number, or call us at our office, we can also take your order by phone.

How do I cancel an Order?

Please contact us.




Can I choose a different Paper Size and/or Image Size of an image?

Vintage Prints, Artist Prints, Artist Proofs, Polaroid Transfers are already done, they are what they are. Modern and C-Print only can be requested in order to produce prints with different Paper Sizes and Image Sizes, we offer:

a) “Standard Size“ with a white frame around the image.

b) “Full Size“ for C-Prints only starting at 40 x 60 cm / 15,8 x 23,6 in, the image covers the full paper, no white frame.

c) “Customized Size“ for Modern and C-Prints.

Please note that the proportions of the Paper and Image Sizes are depending on the type of Negative (KB 2x3 / 4,5x6 / 6x6 / 6x8) of the image. The image can not be cropped, this option can only be authorized by the photographer.

How to handle Prints?

At all time wear gloves and avoid eating, drinking, coughing or speaking while leaning over the open print. Keep your prints in a box until you have framed them. Please note that Silver Gelatin Prints are sensitive for humidity. We recommend that a photograph should not be hung in direct, continuous sunlight or in the near of heaters. All supporting materials should be archival, meaning that they are acid-free and will not damage the print or affect its longevity.

How to handle large format Prints?

Large format C-Prints of sizes over 40 x 50 cm / 15,75 x 19,69 in which are not mounted will be send in a mailing tube.

Large format C-Prints of sizes over 40 x 50 cm / 15,75 x 19,69 in should be mounted on e.g. Alubond material, it gives the print a strong and time resisting stability. You can still frame the mounted print or hang it directly. Some people prefer a DiaSec finish on the image, which gives the image an intense deep and protection at the same time. Please note that the package and shipping costs increase the larger the prints get, as well as a DiaSec finish on a large format C-Prints can increase the weight and packaging.

In your own interest, let only professionals handle unmounted large format prints with absolute care to avoid any damages like buckles.

Are prints hand signed?

All signed prints are signed by the photographer’s hand directly. All prints are authentic.

Are the prints signed on the front or back?

All prints in the Stefan May Shop are signed on either the front or back, depending on the photographer's preference and Print Type. If a print gets mounted an archival label with stamp and signature will be fixed on the back of the print.

What does gallery quality mean?

We aim to provide prints of the highest standard that maintain their beauty and value for years to come. The accompanying text labels as well as all supporting materials are archival, meaning that they are acid-free and will not damage the print or affect its longevity. The usual precautions should be taken to retain a photograph’s depth of tone and contrast, we recommend that a photograph should not be hung in direct, continuous sunlight.

What’s the edition size?

The edition is limited based on quantity, but not limited based on time. Each Print Type, like Vintage, Modern, C-Print etc. has a definite and limited number of all copies printed. We have no open Editions.

What does " Size Group" mean?

The total Edition of C-Prints is splitted in different Size Groups from A to G, that means different Paper Sizes with different limitations. For example Edition 100 in total of a C-Print has the following Size Groups and limitations:

Paper Sizes under 26,7 x 40 cm / 10,5 x 15,8 in - Size Group A limited to 10 pc.

Paper Size 26,7 x 40 cm / 10,5 x 15,8 in   to  < 40 x 60 cm / 15,8 x 23,6 in - Size Group B limited to 30 pc.

Paper Size 40 x 60 cm / 15,8 x 23,6 in  to  < 60 x 90 cm / 23,6 x 35,4 in - Size Group C limited to 20 pc.

Paper Size 60 x 90 cm / 23,6 x 35,4 in  to  < 80 x 120 cm / 31,5 x 47,2 in - Size Group D limited to 20 pc.

Paper Size 80 x 120 cm / 31,5 x 47,2 in  to  < 120 x 180 cm / 47,2 x 70,9 in - Size Group E limited to 10 pc.

Paper Size 120 x 180 cm / 47,2 x 70,9 in  to  < 140 x 190 cm / 55,1 x 74,8 in  - Size Group F limited to 6 pc.

Paper Sizes over 140 x 190 cm / 55,1 x 74,8 in - Size Group G limited to 4 pc.


Certification and Archival Label (Sticker).

We guaranty the authenticity of collector prints you purchased as well as their faultless processing and the immaculate state at the time of shipment. Some photographers give signed certifications with each Art Print, incl. all details and Edition, as well the limitation of the Size Group of C-Prints. The prints are all signed directly by the author, if the author is unable to sign or you have purchased a print which you want to be laminated, a archival label on the back of the lamination may be used or we will send you an originally signed sticker. Please note that the print is only valid after the numbered archival label is attached on the specific print.

Are black and white images always printed as silver gelatin prints?

No. Black and white images can be printed as digital C-Prints as well.

Will my photographs look exactly like as they do online?

The color of your print may differ from the color reproduction of any given computer screen as all computers are calibrated differently. Computers are also lit from behind, which can affect the level of brightness of an image.

Does Stefan May Shop sell passepartouts and frames?

We sell individual unframed art prints only, but you can request framing your print with/without passepartout or mounting/laminating.

We work together with “Rahmen Murrer” in Munich. Please visit the company's website to choose between all the different and individual frames and passepartouts.

Please note that the shipping costs will increase depending on the size and weight of the framed or mounted image and the destination. For some countries we need certain certifications for the wood which is used for the frames and the packaging (e.g. Australia), so the shipping costs will increase dramatically. In many cases it makes more sense shipping the image and then getting the image framed or mounted directly at the destination.



How are the prices calculated?

The basic price of a print depends on the reputation of the photographer who made it and the value of the captured image with all it’s printed publications. Factors of calculation are the type of print as well as if there are stamps, signs, embossments and other marks on the front-/and backside of the print. The size of the print is a massive factor in the calculation, large format C-prints are calculated by square meter / inch, The price will increase analog to the size. The limitation and the availability of the print are the final factors, a lower limitation will increase the price as well as a minor number of availability.

Are the prices in the Shop gross prices?

Yes. All prices are gross prices including the actual 19% German Mwst (Mehrwertsteuer) / VAT.
All private users in- and outside of Germany as well as German companies have to pay 19% German Mwst / VAT by law. Only companies which are not located in Germany don’t have to pay 19% German Mwst / VAT if they can give clear evidence (e.g. international Tax-ID) about their status and location.

How and when should I pay?

You can pay directly at your order with PayPal. Please contact us if you prefer to transfer the amount shown on your finally confirmed order in EURO or USD (at the actual currency of the date of order) in advance to one of our bank accounts. We ask for your understanding that we do not accept any checks or credit cards.

In the “Final Confirmation“ you may have additional costs because of spechial wishes etc., you will be informed to transfer the additional amount. As soon as the total amount has reached our account we will send out the prints which are in stock or start to produce your individual print

Import Taxes

The Stefan May Shop is located in Germany. All items ordered from Stefan May Shop will ship from Germany.

Imports need to be declared when they arrive in the delivery country and may incur import tax. Stefan May Shop is not responsible for and can offer no specific advice on import fees, duty, Customs ot taxes that you may be charged when your merchandise reaches you. We urge you to consult government import office with your questions.

Refund Policies?

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an Email to notify you that we have received your return item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. If you are approved, then your refund will be processed and a credit will automatically been applied to the original method of paying.

Please visit our General Terms Shop.


How long do I have to wait for the prints?

As soon as the money has reached our account we will send out the prints which are in stock or start to produce your individual print. It can take 5-14 days for prints which are in stock and 14-28 days from production to delivery depending on the type of print, the size and the extras you have chosen. Complicated import regulations of certain countries, strikes, forces of nature, customs clearance etc. or the size of prints can extend the delivery time. We will send your prints on the best and safest way to you. Please let us know in time if you wish any express delivery – additional fees can emerge.

We will send you a mail with the tracking number of your shipping, so that you can follow the steps of shipping at any time.

How do I change my shipping address?

Contact us but please note that we can only change a shipping address if your print has not yet shipped.

My order arrived damaged. What do I do?

If a product arrives damaged, you must keep all original packaging material for insurance purposes. Claims must be made within 7 days of receipt via email to office@stefanmay.com. Send us a description of the damage, and please include photos of the damaged areas if possible.

Please visit our General Terms Shop.

My order was sent back. What do I do?

Contact us and let us know why it was sent back. If your package was unclaimed or the address you provided was incorrect, a re-shipment fee may apply.

I have received the wrong item.

Please contact us with a photo of the incorrect item that was sent to you, as well as your order number.

Are the prints insured and do I have a return option?

We send prints out only if they are covered by the shipping insurance, the price depends on the individual value of the print. If the value will exceed the insurance standards, additional fees can emerge. All prints we offer are individual unframed art pieces and often produced in customer size, so they are non-returnable once the order is finally confirmed, shipping costs can not be refunded as well as individual made frames and passepartouts can not be returned. You have a return option when we do an incorrect delivery like wrong sizes of the print or the wrong image, then we will cover shipping and assurance costs. Please note that the colors, contrast and luminance of the print (frame) can differ to the image shown on the internet. Prints should only be returned in the original packaging they were sent in (insurance case) or in an equivalent package when it’s not a case of insurance. Please read our General Terms Shop for all information.


Do I own the rights to the work I purchase?

Rights concerning the work of the photographer remains the bearer of the rights of author of his or her work. The rights of representation and of reproduction of the works presented on this site belong to their authors. Your rights to the purchased product when it’s a photograph are therefore limited to a right to private use, excluding any right of representation and of reproduction. Please visit our Copyright page.

Please contact us if you want to purchase a license for any usage of an image, for further information visit our General Terms Archive.

How do you secure confidential information that I pass on to you?

Your data is treated absolutely confidential and for no reason referred to thirds. Please read our Data Policy.